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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Strategy for Justice, Dignity and Solidarity

The Methodist Conference in 2021 voted to adopt a far-reaching Strategy for Justice, Dignity and Solidarity, underpinned by Methodist theology, which will see “a profound change in the culture, practices and attitudes of the Methodist Church”. As it is rolled out, the strategy will support Methodists with issues of equality, diversity and inclusion, with the aim of becoming a Church in which God’s unconditional love is expressed in words and actions and where all people are able to play their part.

EDI Officer

Rachel Leather is the District Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer. She is a presbyter stationed in the Gloucestershire circuit which is her first appointment. Prior to training for the ministry, Rachel worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau in volunteer management, training in social welfare law, including the Equality Act 2010.

The EDI Officer's Role

The District EDI Officer’s role is to develop and embed all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion into church life. The Methodist Church is committed to celebrating the diversity of human life, which goes further than legal compliance. The officer encourages all local and district decisions and policies to be scrutinised through the lens of equality, diversity and inclusion, paying particular attention to under-represented groups.  The Methodist Church seeks to value every human as part of God’s creation, as we are each created in the image of God. The Methodist Church has created the EDI Toolkit, supporting discipleship and mission and can be found here: EDI Toolkit (

Please get in touch to discuss how Rachel might be able to assist and support in both a practical and theological way.