Reimagine Church

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A morning of imagining a brighter future for the Methodist Church in and around Bath. Saturday May 1st from 10am.

Radical Welcome Course

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This course will explore your relationship with issues of inclusion and exclusion – in the church and elsewhere – and allow you to develop your thinking and the sort of church and type of welcome you want to be and express. Inclusion and exclusion can happen in many ways and for many different reasons – different abilities, skin colour or sexuality as well as levels of education, marital status, health,… Read More »Radical Welcome Course

Unsure about something new? Start with Why

When wondering about next steps, it’s easy to ask about what to do, but more valuable to make sure that you have your why sorted out first argues Niall Briggs in the first post of a series looking at planning for mission. It’s the never-ending cry of three-year olds everywhere: ‘why?’ But so often it’s the last thing on our mind, we want to know what to do. And soon. It’s… Read More »Unsure about something new? Start with Why

Is the Essence of Church in its People or its Buildings?

There’s an old children’s rhyme which starts “Here’s the church, and here’s the steeple. Open the door and see all the people.” Niall Briggs wonders how the people behind those physical, digital and metaphorical doors are seen in the church of today. English is a curious language; sometimes helping to convey ideas and sometimes helping to thwart that process. ‘Church’ can often end up in the second category. We easily talk about… Read More »Is the Essence of Church in its People or its Buildings?

Community Engagement

The Methodist Church was birthed by seeing the importance of telling the story of Jesus beyond the walls of the traditional church. Niall Briggs explores this further and what the churches in Bath are doing to follow in his footsteps.