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A morning of imagining a brighter future for the Methodist Church in and around Bath. Saturday May 1st from 10am.

Some reflections and questions are now available to help with preparation and to include those unable to join on the morning in the conversation. Download the document here.

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Note that this post has been slightly updated following the event.

Over the last 6 months, people from each of the churches in the Bath Mission area have been conducting Church Reviews and Community Audits.

Now it’s time to bring that knowledge to the whole people of the Bath Mission Area and reimagine what our church can be and how it might approach the future. As we emerge from the big reset that we’ve all been through, it’s a useful time to take stock of what we’ve learned as well as take note of what we’ve lost.¬†

We cannot return to where we have been, either in the recent past or a half-remembered time of glory from further ago, but the many different ways in which we’ve stayed in touch and grown together in these difficult times suggest that the Holy Spirit is still at work in the Methodist Church in and around Bath. It’s time to dream about what is now possible as well as what is possible now.

A morning of reimagining

On Saturday 1st of May, those who can will spend time together exploring different ways in which the church across the Bath Mission Area can be reimagined. Bring your dreams and those of others you’ve spoken to who aren’t able to come and we’ll start to share our hopes and dreams for the coming year or two.

We’ll explore the subject in a number of different ways so that there is something for everyone.¬†


Sunday Worship

On Sunday morning, 2nd May, Niall Briggs will lead the online Zoom worship for the BMA and bring some of the themes and reflection from the Saturday and the Mission Planning work from before then for prayer and reflection. If you haven’t joined this worship before and would like to, please email us for the details.

An Ongoing Conversation

This event is just part of our ongoing conversation about the future of the Methodist Church in and around Bath, its mission and how we connect to our communities.

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