Methodists in Bath launch a new church

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A new Methodist Church for Bath will hold its first services on Sunday 4th September 2022. The four Methodist church congregations in Bath – Beechen Cliff, Horizon, Nexus and Weston – are combining in order to create the new “Bath Methodist Church”, but all the existing church sites will be retained as resources for the mission and work of the new church. “This is an opportunity to strengthen our Sunday… Read More »Methodists in Bath launch a new church

Keeping Hope Alive

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Hope is central to the Christmas story. Revd Simon Topping reflects on how we can keep hope alive in these difficult times. Some may have lost hope in persuading world leaders to take the necessary steps to limit global warming in the light of the outcomes of the COP26 climate change conference. While some countries promised greater commitment to tackling climate change, we are still on course for a global… Read More »Keeping Hope Alive

Big Questions: Talks and Conversations

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A series of events where conversation is at the heart and questions are definitely invited.  We will feature conversations that Focus on… different social justice issues and issues in the interface between science and faith. Social Justice Issues today: What are they; what can we do? A series of talks led by Greville Mills The root of our faith, and our Methodist calling in particular, is established in the emphasis… Read More »Big Questions: Talks and Conversations

Reimagine Church

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A morning of imagining a brighter future for the Methodist Church in and around Bath. Saturday May 1st from 10am.

Radical Welcome Course

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This course will explore your relationship with issues of inclusion and exclusion – in the church and elsewhere – and allow you to develop your thinking and the sort of church and type of welcome you want to be and express. Inclusion and exclusion can happen in many ways and for many different reasons – different abilities, skin colour or sexuality as well as levels of education, marital status, health,… Read More »Radical Welcome Course

Unsure about something new? Start with Why

When wondering about next steps, it’s easy to ask about what to do, but more valuable to make sure that you have your why sorted out first argues Niall Briggs in the first post of a series looking at planning for mission. It’s the never-ending cry of three-year olds everywhere: ‘why?’ But so often it’s the last thing on our mind, we want to know what to do. And soon. It’s… Read More »Unsure about something new? Start with Why

Is the Essence of Church in its People or its Buildings?

There’s an old children’s rhyme which starts “Here’s the church, and here’s the steeple. Open the door and see all the people.” Niall Briggs wonders how the people behind those physical, digital and metaphorical doors are seen in the church of today. English is a curious language; sometimes helping to convey ideas and sometimes helping to thwart that process. ‘Church’ can often end up in the second category. We easily talk about… Read More »Is the Essence of Church in its People or its Buildings?

Community Engagement

The Methodist Church was birthed by seeing the importance of telling the story of Jesus beyond the walls of the traditional church. Niall Briggs explores this further and what the churches in Bath are doing to follow in his footsteps.

What is the Future for Methodism?

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Greville Mills takes a look at the Open Letter to the British Methodist Church and some of the conversation that’s followed its publication. Earlier this year, an open letter was issued to members of the Methodist Church and signed by five people (Angie Allport, Cathy Bird, Bala Gnanapragasam, David Hardman, Ian Rutherford). The introduction, explaining the reason for issuing it says: “For a long time, many in the Methodist Church… Read More »What is the Future for Methodism?

God in love unites us

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This is the name of a report presented to the Methodist Conference (our governing body) in 2019. It deals comprehensively with updating the church’s position on marriage and relationships. Parts if it were accepted at the 2019 Conference and other parts were passed as provisional legislation and subject to further consultation across the churches, Circuits and Districts of the Church. The Bristol District Synod will vote on these provisional resolutions… Read More »God in love unites us