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Property Support

Helping with property management

Helping with property projects

If you are working on a property project in a church or thinking of one, the District Property Secretary is here to help.

They can particularly help to ensure that the correct procedures are being followed to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

District Property Secretary

Martin Slocombe is the District Property Secretary. He is a former Quantity Surveyor and meets regularly with DPS colleagues from across the Connexion, so has access to a wide range of advice.

The District Property Secretary's Role

The District Property Secretary can help with a wide range of property issues. The DPS can help to ensure that queries and issues are addressed before they become problems.

Get in touch for any of the following:

  • Help with setting up a project on the Methodist Church’s Consent’s System
  • Checking that projects are in line with District policy, for example on sale of property or funding
  • Leases and manse inspections

If any Trustees are having problems with property schemes it is always helpful to know about them as soon as possible. Very often a small problem resolved early can avoid lengthy delays later on. I may not always know the answer immediately, but I often know someone who does!

Got a property question?